Soul Generation

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“Million Dollars”

“Body & Soul”


Soul Generation featuring Cliff Perkins is the perfect blend of soulful and sensuous R&B music past, present and future. With a rich and lavish history in the industry, this multi-talented group could most assuredly be compared to a diamond. A diamond is said to be superb, dazzling and brilliant. It’s a glittering symbol of purity, strength and infinity. So with a career that embraces distinguished longevity, Soul Generation truly is a diamond in the crown of the R&B industry.

Back in 1972 group originator Cliff Perkins put into motion a dream that would embrace an entire generation (and generations to come). His intuition was right on point as this brand new group entered the studio to record their first song, which was titled “Body & Soul.” Soul Generation followed up “Body & Soul” with “Million Dollars,” another chart-topper that reached gold and platinum status. Their trend of success continued and “Million Dollars” was followed by numerous golden hits. For Soul Generation It’s about the music and their fans.