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“What’s Come Ove Me”


Blue Magic is an American R&B soul vocal quintet formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1972. Ted Mills, Keith Beaton, Richard Pratt, Vernon Sawyer and his brother Wendell would become best known for their hit songs, “Spell”, “Sideshow”, “Three Ring Circus” and “Start To Stop”. The early releases from their first album in 1973 were mainly confined to the R&B chart. Blue Magic’s first million-selling US Top 10 hit single Sideshow climbed to #8 and topped the R&B chart.

With over thirty years of performing with the group original member Vernon Sawyer is still traveling around the world with his current members electrifying Blue Magic fans in every venue and arena they perform at. Keeping true to the Blue Magic persona that identified the group visually back in the days, you’ll witness their precise choreographed movements, smooth mesmerizing vocals and of course their classic Blue Magic attire.